In 2000 Arch Angels began renting floral decorated arches for wedding ceremonies and special events. Out of the demand for these arches was born the name Arch Angels. From legions to banquet halls, Arch Angels transformed venues into beautifully decorated spaces with exquisite table decor, floral centerpieces, arrangements, bouquets, and of course decorated arches. Arch Angels also decorates for general parties and events, and even provided the décor for Collingwood’s first annual Elvis Fest.

When a request came in to decorate a home for a Christmas wedding, Arch Angels took the idea one step further and began offering Holiday Home Decorating. For those who love holiday glam but find it hard to dedicate the time for decorating, Arch Angels can transform your home into a winter wonderland rivaling any department store’s Christmas decor. In response to the popularity of this service Arch Angels began decorating homes and offices offering set up and take down services, along with Christmas decor for sale. Arch Angels’ Christmas wreaths have been featured on City Line with Tracy Moore on CityTV.

Arch Angels soon added jewellery and accessories for the bride, wedding party and family.  This expanded to selling at private functions, corporate events and home parties! And now online!

This year Arch Angels will be launching “Niagara Staging by Arch Angels”. That’s right! Arch Angels will soon be launching staging services. Whether there is a need to de-clutter before a big move, or you are looking to create a beautifully decorated space to appeal to the masses of home buyers-- Arch Angels will be happy to assist you with preparing your home for market.